Abstracts of all the accepted contributions will be published in the Book of Abstracts of the conference. Please note that 1 register can submit only 1 full paper!!!

      The authors of accepted contributions at the PACCON2008 are encouraged to submit their papers in full text (in English) for publication either in a book of  proceedings of the PACCON2008 conference or KU Science Journal. The submitted manuscripts will be accepted for publication after a peer review.

      The authors who wish to submit their full papers to either PACCON2008 proceedings or the KU Science Journal can be submitted electronically via online Full Paper Submission at the PACCON website.

     may prepare the manuscripts according to the journal guideline and submit to e-mail The KU Science Journal will publish a special issue for contributions from the PACCON2008 conference on its first issue of 2008.

      Please select one of this template or guideline as your full paper submission format. Technical information about the full text paper requirements is provided in the following template files:



      The text of the manuscripts is limited to 6 pages. The manuscripts should be submitted before December 31, 2007.


     1. For additional information concerning the PACCON Proceedings, please contact Assist. Prof. Dr. Waraporn Parasuk :

     2. For additional information concerning the KU Science Journal, please contact the editor at e-mail

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